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Parking Lot Aesthetics: When (and why) to repaint your parking lot lines.

Is your parking lot an eyesore? Do accidents happen frequently? You can help prevent parking lot accidents and injuries by ensuring your line markings and signage are clear. 

Road-painted markings are great for delineating parking stalls and helping with traffic flow until they crack or fade and people can’t see them as clearly. Then, drivers are forced to make their own parking stalls and driving lanes, potentially leading to accidents and ineffective traffic flow. 

Keep reading to learn why parking lot painting should be part of your regular lot maintenance. 

Benefits of clearly painted parking lines

Here are the top benefits of ensuring your parking lot lines are clearly painted:

  • Better parking management. With parking stalls clearly delineated, drivers are likelier to park between them rather than making their own spots, maximizing parking availability. 

  • Better traffic flow: Painted parking lot road markings help drivers know where to go, helping create better traffic flow as you intended. 

  • Increased pedestrian and driver safety: When parking lot road symbols and speed limits are easily read, pedestrian and driver safety can improve. 

  • Less parking lot traffic jams: Clear parking lot signage and paint lines ensure that your patrons spend less time “stuck” in traffic and more time shopping at your business. 

Frequently asked questions about repairing parking lot lines

Here are the answers to commonly asked questions and misconceptions about parking lot striping: 

When should I repaint my lines?

In most cases, parking lot striping should be reapplied every two years or more frequently in areas of inclement weather or higher traffic. 

Do I have to paint them in white?

You can often use different colours when painting asphalt and concrete. We usually suggest white or yellow for stall stripes, but you could use brighter colours for special areas, such as no-parking spots, crosswalks, and handicap spots, or to show your logo on the pavement. 

Be mindful of any legal obligations related to the colours used in your lot. You may have requirements for colour, size, shape, and placement. If you need help, ask your local bylaw office or consult a line painting expert like Parking Lot Pros. 

I need to fix a small painted area. Can I use latex or acrylic paint from the hardware store?

No, these types of paint can easily (and quickly) peel off the surface. They may also form bubbles underneath, further affecting adhesion. Asphalt and concrete paint should be water- or solvent-based. Thermoplastic paints are another durable option, but they are much more expensive. Sometimes, chlorinated rubber paint is used for curbs and posts.

How long does road paint take to dry?

Most road paint will dry in good conditions within 30-60 minutes. The exact time depends on the current weather conditions (wind, humidity, temperature), the paint used, and the condition of the asphalt. Plan for the painted parts of your lot to be closed to foot and vehicle traffic for at least an hour after painting. 

How parking lot lines are painted

Before any road marking and painting begins, be sure to close off the area using cones or caution tape to prevent anyone from smearing your freshly painted lot.

Hand painting vs machine

While painting can be done by hand, it’s not usually the best option for large areas. We recommend using a line striping machine for faster, more precise painting. 

Temporary marks on the pavement 

To ensure the painted lines are correctly placed, the painter may measure and draw lines on the road to indicate where they’ll paint. 

Using stencils

We often use a stencil for words, numbers, or images, such as a handicap symbol. The stencil is laid in position and then painted using a hand roller, sprayer, or line-striping machine. 

Adding grit

You may apply grit to the paint for added grip for pedestrians and vehicles. This is commonly used in crosswalks. Often, a first layer of paint is applied, then the grit is applied before painting over a second time. 

High-visibility glass beads

If increased visibility is needed, glass beads can be applied after the paint. 

How can I avoid fading paint lines and damage?

In climates like ours, extreme weather is common and can contribute to faster fading of road markings. Some fading is expected over time, but you can slow the deterioration by ensuring lines are painted on good-quality asphalt to provide the best possible paint adhesion. Then, keep your lot clear of debris (which could scratch the paint) to help extend the life of your paint. Deicing solutions, road salt, and snowplow blades can further scratch your paint. 

Where to get my parking lot re-striped? 

Whether you have a new or existing lot, Parking Lot Pros are the local experts in line painting and parking lot maintenance. Our line painting services range from typical parking lot layouts to obscure symbols and custom work. Above ground or underground, we can do it all, anywhere in Alberta!

Contact us for a quote today and be one step closer to a cleaner, safer parking lot for your patrons.

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