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Parking Lot Maintenance

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Parking Lot Line Painting

The Parking Lot Pros consists of two brothers owning and operating the company as of 2022.  We are fairly new but we don't lack experience.  Tyson, the older brother previously worked at a small airport doing asphalt repairs, crack sealing and line painting for 7 years.  Keelan, the younger brother has worked in the oilfield for 6 years, currently working towards the Heavy Duty Mechanic trade so he is not shy of hard work.   

Together, with the help of some labourers, they have been fixing and beautifying asphalt and concrete areas across Alberta.

Our Company

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Efficiency and Environmental Values

PLP Water Bottle 2_edited.png
PLP Water Bottle 1_edited.png

We value efficiency in our work for many reasons.  It saves us costs when we have less waste or use greener, recyclable and reusable products and services.  These equate to savings for the customer and helping the environment around us with direct and measurable impacts.  Here are some of the things The Parking Lot Pro's are doing:

- We offer clients the option of using water-based line paint over oil-based which is predominantly in the market.  If you would like to save a few dollars using water-based paint for your project please contact us for details.

- Our crack sealing service maintains asphalt for longer periods which alleviates asphalt production in the long run.  Many clients are interested in prolonging their asphalt life due to cost savings but they are also helping the environment in doing so!

- We only use re-useable water bottles for our staff to save on excessive recyclables.  If you would like a labelled Parking Lot Pro's water bottle contact us for details.

- We plant a minimum of 4 trees a year through PrintRelief.  Did you know a tree typically makes 8,333 sheets of paper?  We offset our paper usage by planting trees and also have bigger campaigns when doing large oil based projects to offset it with tree planting.

While some of our measurable impacts seem minor, they are all working towards less crud in the landfill and less harmful products being manufactured or released into the environment.  That's what we mean by measurable.  Stuff you can physically see that could have affected wildlife, waterways and ecosystems.  

If you would like to collaborate with us on any more green products or services please feel free to contact us.

Parking Lot Efficiency
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