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The Parking Lot Pros

Welcome to The Parking Lot Pro's Corp. where we handle everything to do with parking lot maintenance and more.

Welcome to The Parking Lot Pro's Corp. where we handle everything to do with parking lot maintenance and more.

Serving mainly Central Alberta, Edmonton and Calgary, we also cover all across Alberta!  We offer airport, commercial and residential services which can be selected below.

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How We Look At Maintenance & Repairs

Immediate hazards and liabilities that need to be addressed such as Potholes, Tripping Hazards, Curb Repairs, Parking Wheel Stops and Drains. Parking Lot Line Painting can also be a safety hazard if it is not visible.

Maintenance work to prolong the asphalt asset which includes Hot Tar Crack Sealing, Fatigued Asphalt Repair, Parking Lot Sweeping and Seal Coating.  Leaving parking lot gravel on the asphalt will wear down the asphalt and paint as it is driven on throughout the year.

This is the last step of our review but it can greatly improve customer experience as it includes Parking Lot Painting, Stain Removal and also Parking Lot Sweeping.

Our Services

• Line Painting • Hot Hot crack sealing • pothole repair

• Concrete Curb Repair • Asphalt repair • Lot Sweeping & Clean Up

• Parking Curb Wheel stops • Speed Bumps • Parking Lot Signs

• Sanding & Salting • Airport Line Painting • Airport Crack Sealing

The Parking Lot Pros work truck ready for parking lot maintenance.
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The Parking Lot Pro's

Who We Are

Our Company

The Parking Lot Pros consists of two brothers owning and operating the company as of 2022.  We are fairly new but we don't lack experience.  Tyson, the older brother previously worked at a small airport doing asphalt repairs, crack sealing and line painting for 7 years.  Keelan, the younger brother has worked in the oilfield for 6 years, currently working towards the Heavy Duty Mechanic trade so he is not shy of hard work.   Together, with the help of some labourer's, they have been fixing and beautifying asphalt and concrete areas across Alberta.

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